Homemade Slime!

It's been a minute since my last blog post...sorry about that! With the holidays, a brand new year upon us, and some sicknesses floating around I lost track of time! This homemade slime activity is something my family and I discovered that we really love doing together, dad included! We enjoyed it so much that… Continue reading Homemade Slime!

Cooking with kids: Pizza!

Wilder has taken more of an interest in baking lately, so I've been looking up fun recipes to do with him. He LOVES pizza (like most kids do!) so I thought that would be a fun place to start. It's really the simplest pizza recipe you could ever do and the kids can really do… Continue reading Cooking with kids: Pizza!

DIY Tree Topper

Since moving into our new home and basically having a new color scheme throughout the house, all of the old ornaments I had on my Christmas tree didn’t match the new decor. I currently have a lot of neutral colors with splashes of teal and white and my old ornaments were a lot of reds… Continue reading DIY Tree Topper

Fall Hayride on the Farm

For about 60 years, my dad’s side of the family has had 400 acres of farm land in Manning, SC. They currently farm things like soy beans, tobacco, cotton, corn, and peanuts.  We thought it would be fun to head out to the farm and take a hayride with the family today since it was… Continue reading Fall Hayride on the Farm

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is such a special day for me. For the past several years I’ve celebrated Thanksgiving in Los Angeles with close friends, but this year my family and I were able to travel to South Carolina to see my parents and my sister’s family. My mom never disappoints in the food category! She really knows… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

DIY Topiary Decor

Ever since we moved into our new house I've been inspired to update my decor and do all new colors and themes. Now, I'm a lady that likes to find a good bargain so I will do my absolute best to find the lowest priced items at any store I go to. Lately, my second… Continue reading DIY Topiary Decor

“Make-Up Juice” A kid’s color activity

This activity was inspired by all of my bottles of perfume that I have displayed on my dresser in perfect view for a 3 year old. Wilder has discovered them and has been wanting to take them all down, remove their tops, shake them around, and ask me if he can pour "the make-up juice"… Continue reading “Make-Up Juice” A kid’s color activity