Fall Hayride on the Farm

For about 60 years, my dad’s side of the family has had 400 acres of farm land in Manning, SC. They currently farm things like soy beans, tobacco, cotton, corn, and peanuts.  We thought it would be fun to head out to the farm and take a hayride with the family today since it was so nice outside. My dad filled the back of his trailer with hay bales and hooked it to the back of his tractor. Wilder was especially excited! We all piled in the back of it, including the dogs, and took a nice ride around the farm. I thought it would be fun to snap some pics while we were out there.


Me and my baby!


Hayride time!

0C9F11EC-38FC-4721-A019-687E69C1C1B8Dad had a ball driving everyone around.

7EB54634-9ECC-48D8-BFEE-AD68FDAF7419My niece Stevie and Wilder getting ready for the ride!


We certainly had a great time breathing the fresh air and being in nature today. It was a beautiful fall day to be with family and ride across 60 years of history!

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