DIY Tree Topper

Since moving into our new home and basically having a new color scheme throughout the house, all of the old ornaments I had on my Christmas tree didn’t match the new decor. I currently have a lot of neutral colors with splashes of teal and white and my old ornaments were a lot of reds and golds with a gold star tree topper. I hated not using what I already had, but it looked like I was going to have to buy a few new things for the tree. One of them was a tree topper! I thought a silver one would be perfect!

As I’ve said before, I’m one for a bargain so I thought I’d head over to the Dollar Tree and see what I could find. As I looked around I didn’t particularly see any tree toppers I liked, but I did see some big star ornaments that caught my eye like this…


I looked at the design and realized I could buy two of them and glue them together to create a beautiful topper. The only problem was that I wanted it to have the option of lighting up as well. Since there would be a hollow space in the middle once I glued them together, I could stuff it with a strand of lights! All I needed was a strand of battery operated lights. Lucky for me, the Dollar Tree sells those as well! They have them in many colors.


I decided the clear white LED’s would look the best. I also bought a pack of super glue while I was there, so in total I walked out of the store spending $4 for my tree topper. Once I got home I glued the stars together and let them sit for about 10 minutes to let it set. Then I stuffed the star with the strand of lights into one of the bigger holes and put my batteries in the pack.



The only thing left to do was place it at the top of my tree and see the finished product.


I was very pleased with the outcome for only $4 and it shines brightly! Yay!!


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