“Make-Up Juice” A kid’s color activity

This activity was inspired by all of my bottles of perfume that I have displayed on my dresser in perfect view for a 3 year old. Wilder has discovered them and has been wanting to take them all down, remove their tops, shake them around, and ask me if he can pour “the make-up juice” contents into another container. I tried to explain to him that this kind of “make-up juice”, as he so sweetly refers to it, is not for playing with. Then an idea hit me! I could go out and buy some food coloring and have him make his own as a fun color activity. So here’s how it began…

I went in my cabinet and pulled out 5 small appetizer glasses that could hold the perfect amount of water. I know what you’re thinking…”She let him use glasses?!” Yep! It’s all about convenience at this point and it’s all I had, lol! Really any kind of small cup or container will work for this as long as you have about 5-6 of them. I also pulled out the box of food coloring and set it all out on the table in front of him.


I let Wilder play around with the food coloring in the first glass and asked him what would happen if he mixed one drop of red with one drop of yellow…



He mixed it with his spoon and discovered that it turned orange! I gave him a paper towel to dip into the water so he could see the color soak up into it. He was so excited!


He’s been talking a lot lately about mixing colors and I thought this would be a perfect activity for him. We continued mixing colors and then I had him continue to dip paper towels into the colors to make tie dye. If you have coffee filters, this would be perfect as well!



Everyday he asks me if we can make “Make-up juice” and it seems to be his favorite activity to do now. Hey, we may make a bit of a mess, but it’s fun and he’s learning about different color combinations and ratios. Winning!

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