DIY Topiary Decor

Ever since we moved into our new house I’ve been inspired to update my decor and do all new colors and themes. Now, I’m a lady that likes to find a good bargain so I will do my absolute best to find the lowest priced items at any store I go to. Lately, my second home has been the Dollar Tree. They have some really great items that you can use to create cute things, so you’ll probably hear me talk about that store quite often. It just makes my soul happy every time I go in there and find great things for only a $1.

The new popular decor item I see everywhere is topiaries. There are topiary balls, topiary trees, topiary plants, you get the idea. The only problem I kept seeing in all the stores was the price that they wanted for these things!

I was out one day doing some shopping and I was browsing around Marshall’s when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a topiary ball. I looked at the price and it was only $5.99! Stores like this are great when it comes to random decor items. You never know what you’re going to find and the price is usually really affordable. The only thing I needed now was a planter for it so I could place it on my shelf in the living room to add some greenery.


I decided to take a trip over to the Dollar Tree to see what they had as far as planters. I knew I remembered seeing some glass vases and things of that nature that would work if I could only find something to fill it with so it didn’t look empty on the inside. Ah ha! I found the perfect size glass Roman Urn candle holder as well as some natural color river stones that would match my decor. They have several types of stones and small rocks to choose from!

I filled the candle holder with the stones about 3/4 full and then set the ball on top (with the string facing down) to complete my look. I gotta admit it wasn’t the conventional looking topiary I had seen in most stores, but I really liked the natural look of it.

Now the true test was to place it on my shelf to see if it was going to blend with some of the other items I had strategically placed up there, lol! So here’s the finished product. I created the whole look for about $8! What do you think??



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