Nursery Decor

Not sure if everyone is aware yet or if you missed our announcement, but we are pregnant with baby #2! We are having a little girl due at the end of January and we are all very excited about it, including Wilder! He loves going into her room and checking out the new stuff! I thought I would post our progress along the way as we pull it all together. It’s starting to take shape and come along nicely, but we still have a few things to get done. It’s currently still being used as a guest room as I have some company coming in November that I’m going to need the bed for, so that is staying up for now. Lol!

The first pic I’ve snapped is of the blush rocker along with the set of curtains that will go up this weekend. I love the softness of the pink tones. The one thing I did not want was a ton of bubble gum pink everywhere, lol! Miss Kitty’s dress matches the curtains perfectly (which I totally lucked out on!)


The rocker is from Target and Miss Kitty was ordered from Pottery Barn Kids. I picked up the curtains at our local Marshall’s store and was super happy with the find!

The next pic is of baby girl’s wicker table and tea set. In order to fill the space I put two more adorable animals in the chairs that are also from Pottery Barn Kids. I just love their little outfits! Wilder and I have already had a real tea party with tea, cream and sugar. Yum! Tested and approved!



The wicker table and tea set is from and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of both. You never know sometimes what you are getting! The tea set came with tiny little spoons and forks that are so adorable!

Well, that’s it for now, but there will be much more to come as we get things rolling! Can’t wait to share it with you!

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